AutoFriend 1.1 by 2Pi


Automatically accepts friend requests on the Hypixel Network while you're online. It's helpful for lazy people or people who want to "farm friends" (it's not as sad as it sounds). It also includes features to blacklist users you don't want to friend and a helpful list of recent friends.


  • /autofriend toggle: Toggles autofriend in session. does not save between Minecraft launches
  • /autofriend messages: Toggles friend request, friend add, and friend remove messages. Also removes divider line to prevent spam. Saves between Minecraft launches.
  • /autofriend recent [number]: Shows who you've added. Does not save between Minecraft launches. Gives options to remove or blacklist.
  • /autofriend blacklist add/remove [username]: Add or remove a player from your blacklist. If they are on your blacklist, you will not automatically accept their friend requests. Saves between Minecraft launches. Case insensitive, but does not update if they change their name.
  • /autofriend blacklist [number]: Shows who you've blacklisted. Gives options to unblacklist or remove as friend.



All downloads are of AutoFriend 1.1 for Minecraft Forge.