These are some of the mods I've released on my YouTube channel. Not all are made solely by me, but I've gotten permission to host all of them.



Automatically says "gg" after a game has ended on Hypixel. It's mostly useful for lazy people, but can come in handy if you want to quickly move between games or just really don't like typing.


This mod to automatically accepts friend requests on the Hypixel Network while you're online. It's helpful for lazy people or people who want to "farm friends" (it's not as sad as it sounds). It also includes features to blacklist users you don't want to friend and a helpful list of recent friends.


Automatically earns players free experience and coins over time through the /tip command.


Changes the time of day from the player's perspective, so that your game can be more aesthetically pleasing.


Toggles different chats on and off to reduce spam and specify what you want to see. Also includes a whitelist feature if you want to see all messages of someone.


Sets the void y value to 0 so that you can view more sky texture in your world. It was originally made for Arcane, where the void would flicker constantly when playing since the arenas were placed at the y coordinate where the void starts.